Monday, November 19, 2012

"You knitted me a whole sweater!"

You know how when you're soooo close to completion on a project, you just can't put it down? No matter how late it gets, you just have to finish it? That was the case with my son's sweater last night. That's something I love about bottom-up raglan sweaters: once you join the sleeves and body it truly does "progress like a house on fire," as EZ states in Knitting Without Tears. Doubly so when you're knitting for a 2-year-old.

Instead of knitting a nice ribbed neckline to match the rest of the sweater, I cast off purl-wise in the contrasting color. Why? Because my son is vehemently against choky, itchy necklines and I would like him to actually wear this sweater.

After binding off, I set it for a nice soak and put it down to dry.

I still have to graft the underarms, and then the final touch will be a cute little felt dinosaur sewn on to the front.
Unless I decide to cut it down the middle.
You never know.

Oh, and the title of the post is what Vyvyan exclaimed this morning when he awoke to see it drying on the bed.


  1. Yeah! Congrats on being so close to finished.

  2. Vyvyan looks so proud of his new sweater! Very cute!


  3. Well done! It looks great on him, armhole grafting or not.

  4. too cute :D

    great sweater also :)

  5. Doesn't the wee man look just so cute in his jumper! That's a good idea with the neckline.

  6. So cute :) Good call on the neckline too!

  7. Only you would even think of steeking this!!! Your sweater looks amazing and I can only imagine the big smiles your little guy will have on his face everytime he wears it.


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