Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I don't know about where you guys live, but around here? Some kind of icky cold is going around, and I've caught it. So I feel really sickly and gross, and like all I'd like to do is lay on the couch with a blanket and watch bad Dracula movies.

But hey, at least I'm warm!

Using the wool I got at Lambtown
I whipped up the hat to this set the night I got back from Lambtown. I decided to do a ruched top, worked the entire thing and weaved in the ends before realizing I hate ruched tops and going back and having a redo. Then I woke up the next morning and decided I hated the ribbed brim, snipped a stitch and worked downward for a rolled stockinettte brim.

The mitts were done the next day while I watched really bad Piranha movies. (Ps. In case you are wondering, Mega Piranha is SO MUCH WORSE than Piranha.) They're convertible mitts with a peasant thumb. For the top I did something different than I usually do: instead of integrating them with the mitt I worked them afterwards like a sock toe and then sewed them on. I did this out of laziness and getting-sickiveness and I-wanna-do-this-without-thinking-ness. It worked, technically, but I'm not the biggest fan of the result and might have a redo on the mittens after the scarf is done.

The scarf, I started the same day as the mittens, worked 38" while watching Dracula Dead and Loving It and Castaway on the Moon. Then I couldn't knit any longer and went to bed. The next day I ran out of the first ball of yarn. I had thought a bit about the fact that they were hand-dyed and had done a bit of the every other row transition, so without thinking I continued with the new ball while I watched Aah! Zombies!! and Albatross (Aah! Zombies!! being the better of the two.) Every once in a while I'd head to the mirror and look at the scarf and see how long I needed to make it. I knit 20" before someone turned on a light. So, yeah, the new ball of yarn was like burgundy red and the old ball of yarn was like reddish pink and I almost decided to cut the red ball and continue knitting with the third ball of yarn and pretend it was deliberate until.... I realized that the second ball of yarn was... ITCHY. It had an entirely different consistency than the other two balls (Dur! Could it be that the one ball had 5% less silk in it???) It wouldn't have mattered except that those 20" were probably the ones that would cozy around my neck the most. So, long story short? Frogged the 20" and now we're up to date.

But now I'm sick and don't feel like knitting. Boo.

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Happy knitting!


  1. All your mods made me smile ... good for you to know when to revise! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. Ah, hope you are feeling better, your post did make me giggle though. x

  3. hahah love this story! epic knitting adventures!

    feel better soon!


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