Saturday, October 20, 2012


Yesterday when I got home from work I logged onto Facebook and saw an update from Tiny Owl Knits. She's released a new (adorable!) pattern called The Woodsy Association. And, yes, I immediately went to Knit Picks and bought the pattern as well as a cartload of yarn to go with it...

And I realized that since I rarely update anymore it probably looks like I don't ever knit anything. But, even though I'm not talking about it, I could be churning out tons and tons of knitwear over here. In fact I could have finished all those projects I ever mentioned, and they could in fact NOT be sitting in WIP bags all over my bedroom. And if that were true then the fact that I've cast on for yet another sweater wouldn't be at all disheartening.

I'm this far along.
And the shawl, the totoro, the ugly sweater, my scarf, my niece's cardigan, my mom's socks, my brother's socks, my socks, my dad's socks, and my best friend's hat are all tucked away elsewhere while I convince myself thoroughly that in the time it takes for my new Knit Picks yarn to arrive I will totally finish my sweater in spite of the fact that I work 40 hours a week and have basically no time to knit at all.


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