Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sock Head

It occurred to me after my last post that I never actually mentioned the hat I was knitting for my best friend. I bought the Fishknits Opulence in colorway Zombie Stomper at Lambtown earlier in the month with the intention of knitting her some comfortable socks as a get well present. I realized at the last moment, however, that the Opulence is 10% cashmere and it would probably be better to knit something that gets less wear and tear. So I decided to knit Sock Head instead.
Zombie green yarn to nestle my best buddy's brains.
I mean... head.
I don't think I've ever made a hat out of sock yarn before, and the never ending knit knit knit is making me reconsider every time I have ever thought about knitting a sweater in fingering weight. Seriously, it's a pretty lengthy project considering how small it is. I'm about 9" along so I've got another 4" or so before I can start the decreases.

It may look incredibly long and skinny but I tried it on and it fits nicely. Not to mention the brim will be rolled up and it's meant to be a bit slouchy at the top.
It's a great project to keep with me in my bag- a few rows here and there on my lunch breaks- but it's really no fun at all when sitting around watching the ball game. Just a whole lotta stockinette stitch.

Still got a ways to go, but I'm trying to work on it exclusively for now to make me feel better about casting on something new. We'll see how that goes ;)

Happy knitting!

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  1. ohh i really like the pattern. I'm still a novice knitter and am really trying to avoid fingering weight projects. They take me especially long!!


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