Friday, July 6, 2012

An Exhaustive and Thorough Look in the WIP Pile...

(It's time to rein them in again.)

Here they are in no particular order. Links go to Ravlery pages- you'll notice most of them aren't on Ravelry.
  1. Vine Yoke Cardigan

    Cast on date: 1/26/11
    Percent done: maybe 40%
    Left to do: Um... Most of it. I still have to knit the back, the second sleeve, and the left front. Then there is plenty of garter stitch grafting to do before I get to add 8 or so buttons and block the living hell out of it.
    Prognosis: It's been sitting for a long long while, mainly because I think I'm going to run out of yarn but also because alpaca is hot. I would like this to be my next "big" project, because it has sat for so long and frankly I'm sick of it guilt tripping me.

  2. Ugly Cardigan

    Cast on date: 6/21/12
    Percent done: 85%
    Left to do: Attach buttons, make afterthought buttonholes, afterthought pockets, attach elbow patches, maybe add thumb-holes at cuffs.
    Prognosis: I should be able to complete this one fairly soon. Right now the only problem is it is too hot in my house to try it on and place the pockets and elbow patches. Well, that and I have no buttons, but that can be solved.

  3. Ribwarmer

    Cast on date:
    Percent done: 70%
    Left to do: Finish second half (10 ridges plain, turn second corner, and 35 ridges plain), seam up center back, apply I-cord edging. (I will probably try a sc edge first.)
    Prognosis: I think I am going to run out of yarn. But that's an easy fix, and while I'm at the shoppe I might as well pick up a ball of white wool for the edge. It is a fun project, and will make an excellent Xmas present for my mom. It should be finished this week.

  4. EZ Ski Sweater

    Cast on date:
    Percent done: 80%
    Left to do:
    sew and cut for armholes, sew in arms, sew up shoulders, puck up and knit hem for neck.
    Prognosis: Very good, now that I know how to steek. I'll probably get on this one this week.

  5. Crazy Pants

    Cast on date: 1/9/12
    Percent done: 30%
    Left to do:
    Finish first leg (thigh increases and up), knit second leg, attach at crotch and do the short rows for my bootay.
    Prognosis: Meow. I know that once I finish the first leg I will speed right through the second one, knowing where to place all the decreases. But I don't want to try on the damn leg all the time and that's why it has been sitting there. I will probably start working on this one with fervor when it starts getting a bit chillier. I think fingering weight yarn wasn't the cleverest of choices with these....

  6. Garter Stitch Scarf

    Cast on date: I don't even know.
    Percent done: 40% ish?
    Left to do: Knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, and knit. It's a garter stitch scarf.
    Prognosis: .... It's a garter stitch scarf. I'm sorry; it's not that interesting. Also the yarn is kind of splitty, so even though it's totally brainless I can't turn off my brain while I knit it. I actually have to pay attention to my boring project.

  7. Heart Lace Scarf

    Cast on date: Dunno; I don't know why this one isn't on Ravelry either.
    Percent done: 40% ish, more if I can bare to make it short.
    Left to do: It needs to be at least twice as long as it is to count as a scarf, really.
    Prognosis: It's quite a tolerable project to work on but I don't work on it very often. Every time I do, I get in at least another 4 repeats though. I kind of like it as a background project, in and out of rotation.

  8. Patchwork Socks

    Cast on date: 6/?/12
    Percent done: 50%
    Left to do:
    Second sock
    Prognosis: SSS. Need I say more?

  9. Ribbed Cable Socks

    Cast on date: 7/4/12
    Percent done: 12%
    Left to do: Still on leg of first sock
    Prognosis: I am enjoying this sock. It's simple enough to knit on the go but looks cool. It also fills me with pride since I am making it up as I go ^_^

  10. Hippo slippers (Crochet)

    Cast on date:
    February 2012
    Percent done: 50%
    Left to do: 50%
    Prognosis: I crocheted the first slipper at a time where I, apparently, was stressed out or something, so every time I try to do the second one it comes out much looser. Also I already crocheted 4 pairs of these mary janes so I kind of lost steam. Frogging is totally an option here.

  11. Crochet shoes

    Cast on date: May 2012
    Percent done: 20% or less
    Left to do: Crochet the soles out of jute, two more cotton soles, the tops of the shoes, and seam it all together.
    Prognosis: Have you ever crocheted with jute? Don't.

  12. Hexipuffs

    Cast on date: 11/12/12
    Percent done: Please don't make me calculate that. I have 48.
    Left to do: 52 more this year.
    Prognosis: I don't know who I thought I was, starting a project that takes at least 300 of the same little tiny things...

  13. Bear Mittens

    Cast on date: April 2012
    Percent done:
    50%Left to do: Knit second mitten, embrioder faces, add buttons and crochet ears.
    Prognosis: Good, even though I knit the first one a little short. I think that's why I don't feel like making the second one. That and I'm still working on the pattern so knitting them feels like a chore. I'm also not too much of a fan of acrylic-y blends.

  14. Thigh High Stripes
    (I am not adding a picture here because it just looks like an inch of ribbing.)
    Cast on date: unknownPercent done: .2%
    Left to do:
    All of it.Prognosis: These will probably just be striped legwarmers instead, especially since the yarn has proven to be a bad choice for socks in the past. (Cestari Sock Yarn)
  15.  Granny Square Messenger Bag

    Cast on date: ?
    Percent done: 30%
    Left to do:
    Make a few more grannies, join them together and crochet a border with the dark gray. Knit the "bag" portion and strap and assemble.
    Prognosis: I had seriously actually forgotten this one existed. That doesn't bode well.

The things that are in the swatching stage:

  1. Green gala ribbon yarn, thinking a top for Zoe

  2. White polyester gala yarn, thinking a top for me
    (sorry no pics. If I wait until I get one I'll never post this.)

  3. Pea Wee Coat (crochet)

  4. Baby Corn
    (Ravelry page has the incredibly boring picture of my swatch.)

  5. Basic baby Cardigan (crochet)

So there you have it.
The plethora of unfinished objects currently taking up Way Too Much Space in my house. I'm fairly certain that's all of them... pretty sure.
So tell me. Am I insane? Or does your closet look pretty much the same?


  1. So many pretty WIPs! I love the SKI Sweater and bear mitts - looks like you will have plenty to wear in the coming seasons :-)

    Mine used to look the same, as I get way too excited about new projects - you're definitely not insane! Maybe try prioritising or a rote - work one week on this WIPS, another week on another one and before you know it they will be all finished :-)

  2. Wow! That is an amazing list of WIPs but you are close to finishing some of them so don't give up. Personally, I would feel really overwhelmed if I had this many ... I try to keep my WIPs to about 3 or less (LOL) which seems so blah compared to yours. : )

  3. I mean... this is a lot of WIP's! I say finish the one closest to being done first... but I could be saying that because I am IN LOVE with that Ugly Sweater! I daresay, I think it's cute, and can't wait to see it all finished!


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