Sunday, July 1, 2012


After watching this knitpicks video, I felt confident that I could do this steek (my first) with the handsewn technique. I was always very against hand sewing, (mainly because I always poke myself with the needle and end up bleeding) but this video solved my main problem by suggesting I use a regular tapestry needle and fingering weight yarn.

You know what?
It totally worked.
Seriously, if a basic idiot like me can do it, so can you.

Post-steek high.
I was kinda giddy.
Also it was kinda 12 am.

No, seriously let's see that again.
Before: Pullover


Did you see how it's a cardigan now?
(It's really REALLY not getting old for me.)

Look! It's the back of my super boring Ugly Pullover:

And... the back of my super awesome Ugly Cardigan!

.... I actually wish I had taken more before pictures, so I could do this all day.

You know what else was really awesome?
I started each new round in the very center of the pullover, which meant that after I steeked it, all those ends just WENT AWAY. No weaving: they're all in a pile on my floor waiting to be thrown away. It's simply awesome.

Next I've got to do the following:
1) Tack down the cut edges.
2) Pick up and knit buttonband (still not sure exactly what kind of button I'm planning on doing, but I think I'm leaning towards I-cord tabs so that I can add the buttons later)
3) Attach elbow patches (I already knit them, just have to place them... btw I did a sort-of pattern for them, because a search on Ravelry yielded very very little. I'll tell you more when it's not midnight.)
4) Figure out the wheres and hows of the afterthought pockets.

But for now I'm going to dance around my room a little, check off the little box in the Knitter's Life List that says steek a cardigan, and ...did I mention dance around my room a little bit? Yeah, some more of that.

Oh and you know what ELSE was really awesome?
It totally didn't fall apart or anything.


  1. Congrats! This might be a record for quickest ugly cardigan EVER.

  2. Omigosh ... this is awesome! I've done a little dance around the room for you, too! :)

  3. Amazing! (But who says it's ugly :P). Your steeking is an inspiration.

    Also thanks for all your helpful suggestions re cardigan fastenings for babies. Maybe I will ask her mum what would work best for her.

  4. hey, its totally not ugly! i would SO wear it! i think its one of those things that its so ugly its cute, you know? like how the world's ugliest dog is adorable? i dunno. -abby


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