Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Have I gotten myself into something....

I have set myself up for failure this year. Other resolutions aside, my knitting goals are damn near impossible. Nevermind that I expect myself to get through half of the twelve steps, nevermind the fact that I expect to get 2 and 1/2 hours of excercise per week, nevermind passing scool: how am I supposed to knit 12 pairs of socks in one year?!

Don't you dare suggest incrementalizing. I know 12 pairs in one year is just one pair a month and that 12 pairs a month is one sock every 2 weeks. But do you remember the socks I made for Carla? I was going to give them to her at the end of May but they weren't done until December. That's not bad, you think. It was December three years later.

I comfort myself with the knowledge that those socks were knee-highs, they were mind-numbing stockinette and I have made enough socks by now that I can end the toe without a pattern. It is no comfort. 12 pairs.... What really sucks is that I already missed Januaruy. But at least February's socks are done!

So as if the 12 pairs of socks thing wasn't freaking me out enough, I've also made plans to knit one Christmas present per month so I don't go insane knitting for people in December. Luckily, some of these can, and will, be socks. Unfortunately a lot of my sock yarn is non-machine washable and most of my family is lazy, so not all if the socks I knit will be gifted. There are quite a few gifts I have decided on that can be whipped up fron stash yarn, but I'm afraid i am going to have to buy more yarn sooner rather than later... Remember that yarn fast I'm on? Plus I decided to make 3 sweaters in 2011 and while I've gotten quite a bit done on my CPH
I still haven't touched it in more than two weeks.

So, anyway, I'm having a minor freakout.

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