Sunday, February 27, 2011

CPH update (finally)

Yes, I am actually still working on the Central Park Hoodie. After weeks and weeks of taking it out to work one or two rows I've finally dragged it out and finished the hood. It's so pointy- I feel  like red riding hood. :)
Now for some pictures...

This is a rather old picture, you can see the hood isn't finished. I'll post a more recent one- before I pick up the buttonband and weave in all those ends (the horror!)- if I feel up to it.

Another present for my Ravelry 1 gift a month group. These are for my buddy's xmas present. I've owed her some for years!

Another gift- a washcloth for my Aunt Marina. I'll post a pic of it in a little gift basket so that you think I'm classy...

These socks are making me ANGRY*
So right now my WIPS are as follows:
1) CPH...still (90%)
2) Cabled Mittens, still (50%)
3) Reversible Hiking Scarf (20%)
4) Super Secret Sweater ('s secret) (5%)
5) Hardcore Sweater (5%)
6) Yoga Socks (65%)
7) Guitar Man Socks* (Less than 50%)
8) Smitten Garland (?)

*The Guitar Man socks are making me crazy angry, because they're taking forEVER and I hate them. A lot. I'm not going to speak more of this. It doesn't help that I'm not sure of the recipient's foot size.*

Also I found my charger for the digital camera so that means....LESS BLURRY PICTURES FROM HERE ON OUT!!! Yay!

Things in the queue:
1) Baby Sock Monkey for Vincent's Xmas
2) Tadpole Socks with new Crock O Dye (gonna have to take a pic of that, it's beautiful )
3) Garter Stitch Scarf
4) Slytherin Sweater (to be pushed back for a while due to xmas knitting and me not being so selfish)
5) Monkey Socks
6) The you-know-what socks for you-know-who (even secret-er than the super secret sweater)
7) convertible mittens- not sure i can decipher the pattern but I'm willing to give it a shot
8) Snail spiral hat - NOT using sheepsdown because I want to be resourseful and use what I have
9) and so much more!!!!

OKay no more blogging.
Goodbye cruel world.
<3 Cecilia

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