Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

I go on discount yarn websites and I ogle over the yarn. I look at the dk, the worsted, the bulky, the superwash, the silk, the wool. I look at the sales. I look at full bag sales. I think "you know, thirty dollars really isn't a lot."
I get as far as checking out.
I get as far as entering my address.
I close the window, because I can't afford $30.
And besides that, I'm officially on a yarn diet.
I can't buy any more yarn until I'm done knitting those five or six things.
How am I ever going to make it?
I can't resist a sale, I can't resist the internet, I can't resist yarn.
I dream about yarn every night.
I had a dream that wal-mart carried cashmere.
I had a dream that tj maxx carried roving.
I had a dream that, while I walked out to my car to get my wallet, a lady bought up all the sock yarn I wanted.
But I have convinced myself again that hitting complete purchase isn't going to make my life better.
After all, my storage space is running low.

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