Sunday, January 23, 2011

CPH Progress

After 13 days, the Central Park Hoodie is nearing completion. I have only one more sleeve to go. Then it's just picking up the hood and button band and seaming. :D
While finishing this project is dreadfully exciting, sewing the seams and (especially) the zipper is just going to be dreadful. Or at the very least, I'm dreading it.
I want this sweater to be worth it so bad!

I joined a group on Ravelry called 3 sweaters in 1 year or something. So basically I have to knit 3 sweaters which I think is totally do-able.
I know there are groups where people do a pair of socks a month or (like stephanie pearl mcphee who's sanity is to be questioned) even a sock a day, but I'm sticking with the 3 sweaters a year.
After all, I'm finished with the first sleeve and I'm not looking forward to knitting the exact same thing again.

Socks are not for me.

Oh, also? I totally decided to cast on for some socks.

Things I have to Knit (or finish knitting) Before I Buy Any More Yarn
1) Central Park Hoodie
2) Ravenclaw Scarf (this includes the fringe, unfortunately)
3) The sole mitten (at least the one, if I want to be extra good I'll knit both)
4) The Slytherin Sweater
5) The Empire Strikes Back Dress

I really don't know about that last one, but if I can accomplish all of those things then my stash will diminish some, which is good.
I checked out my stash the other day and, contrary to my belief, I have a lot of yarn.
I'm not even talking about just the crap yarn.
I have a lot of good yarn.
I don't know how I'm going to keep up with my plans.
I clearly expect myself to knit a lot faster than I do.
Sometimes I think I should start knitting continental style, but I know for a fact that I suck at it and I don't like suckage.

I really love those mittens. I really want to finish them,. :(

Oh also I joined a rav group for people knitting the smitten mitten garland. Which is totally in my queue and I really want for next christmas although I'm not sure I'm going to get them all done because 24 identical mittens is probably something invented for crazy  people.
the end.
no pictures today.

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