Monday, November 15, 2021

When she falls, she falls hard

Ok you guys I fell off the Cold Sheep and I fell off hard.


It all started with this mauve Madelinetosh Twist Light.... I'll start at the beginning. I planned on making my coworker's baby a cardigan, right? So I found this amazing little yarn shop in Murphy's CA, called MaisieBlue. But instead of buying the baby a nice little neutral wool, I found the mauve Twist Light and it was calling my name! Loudly, too!

So I bought four hanks of it, and a pattern magazine and called it a day. CAST ON! I figured I would make a short sleeve top as four hanks only adds up to 1,680 yards. But.... the more I thought about it the more I knew I wanted an oversized full sleeve pullover. So I tried to do the right thing, I really did. I found another suitable color in my temporary stash (main stash is boxed up, remember?) and started a little colorwork down at the bottom of the pullover.

The contrast isn't great, I know. But why I tried hard to love it, and to tell myself it was all going to work out and I wasn't going to run out of the darker color. I talked to my husband, even, and I was like "Well, I can't just go back to the yarn shop for just one ball of yarn! I have to make this work." And he was like, "Just go get the other ball, Cecilia, you know you want to." And I was like OK OK OK....

But I didn't lie to my husband, and I can't just go for one more ball!!
And besides, I never picked up the skein for my coworker's baby sweater, right?

So another skein hopped into the basket.

 It's more Twist Light, in a One of a Kind colorway, a beautifully speckle natural just perfect for my friend Alex's soon-to-be-born baby. And what's further is that when I have left overs from my mauve cardigan, as I'm bound to, I can use it to add a little colorwork in the yoke of whatever design I choose. I plan to devote some serious time to pattern searching for the baby tonight.

But while I was standing there at the Madelinetosh, another yarn started calling my name. Oh dear.

Oh Cracker Jacks; I've really fallen now. Notice that again there were only 4 of the same colorway, but this time I thought ahead and picked some contrasting colors right away so I won't have any more of this heading back to the yarn shop "for one more ball" business. Progress!

And then maybe a couple skeins of sock yarn hopped in, too...

The offenders are: Katia Socks Jaipur, Lang Jawol, and Online SuperSocke Silk Color


On the brighter side I did immediately make loads of progress on my newest pullover.


Isn't she lovely???? And now my "temporary stash" is pretty sizeable and so I definitely don't have the fear of running out of yarn any time soon. But I'll have to stay back on the sheep at least until March, when Stitches West is finally here or else I won't have any extra cash to spend at the event!

In other news, Podcast 2 is up already because I had finished a project that was going to be gifted by December. Next podcast is due around Dec 5 and I do hope it will be less shoddy, but no promises.

Happy Knitting!

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