Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Works in Progress in July 2021

 Hi Blog!
It's been a while huh?

I recently picked up the needles again, and I'm working on some lovely socks. They are the Fairy Maiden Socks by This Handmade Life. The yarn is Urth brand's Harvest Fingering in the color Grape Leaf.

The yarn is a delight to work with - it's spun tightly so the stitch definition is really great. The cuff ended up a little tighter than my usual 64 st sock, but that's probably on account of the stitch pattern plus the fact that I went down a needle size to a size 1. (I usually use a 2 for socks)

I also recently finished two additional pairs of socks: one is a pretty blue and the other is bright pink. I'll share pictures next time around.

Another project I have on the go today is the You Are Enough shawl by Sarah B Abram. I went to Knitique yarns in Elk Grove and asked the ladies for help. See, I'm currently moving. I told the ladies, "I'm moving and I've packed up all my yarn! I need a project that can keep me busy for a month or two, preferably only a 1-2 skeins of fingering weight," and they showed me the shawl kit for You Are Enough. It is made of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere and it feels heavenly.

I've made it into the lace portion and to the final colorway. Unfortunately, there I hit a brick wall. I set it down after 4 repeats of lace because I just got sick of it. Plus I made a mistake that is glaringly obvious to me, which I am too proud to rip out. 

I guess I've really caught the knitting bug again after months of my needles collecting dust, because I went to Webs and KnitPicks and made a few orders, too.

Some Biggo just arrived at my brother's house today (Did I ship the yarn to my brother's to hide it from my husband? Perhaps?) and I'm planning on casting on for a(nother) Skully Sweater from the original Stitch n Bitch book. And later on I'll be receiving a skein of sock yarn from Webs (I forgot just what brand) and another sweater's quantity of a wool whose name I also forgot. I'll be happy to share that next time too.

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