Friday, July 5, 2013

Sock in Progress

It's a long way down from heel to toe!
Still, I should have a sock by the end of tomorrow.
I'm thinking about knitting another pair in a darker color (maybe a semi-solid brown or dark grey) for a friend of mine. Tomorrow seems like a good day to go to the yarn shop!

Also, the craft store I work at is deleting & clearing out a ton of yarn soon and I get first dibs if I want to. Which, you know... 100% acrylics... fun furs... etc. But on the off chance there's anything good I might have to snatch it up. The only down side is going to work on my day off! And, of course, there's a scary chance I might end up with a cart full of crap I don't really want.

I'm weighing the possibilities- a skein or two of goooood yarn or a cart full of acrylic blends that I could use to knit sweaters for my relatives who don't hand-wash. Both are valid ideas and there could be time for both!

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  1. Oh man, I wandered into HL the other day, and came across the buckets of clearance yarn... Even though I work at a LE FANCY YARN HOAR STORE, I cannot resist the temptations of stuff on sale, and ended up coming home with some sock yarn and cotton yarn ^^ There was some scary stuff there, but I actually had to limit myself since there was also a lot of good stuff, too! Especially for test knits and such~


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