Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Small progress...

Hi. I thought I'd pop in and let you all know that I'm still around and still knitting, though it may not look like it from my recent posts. After all this time and about 10 swatches, I finally have 2 swatches that I consider acceptable to send in for my Basics Basics Basics course. But in between rigorous perfect tension and even increases, I've been working on a few other things.
My ewe has gained a head:
(Patons Classic Wool)
Well, sort of. It's held on by a dpn for now until I find the time to properly pin it down and sew it.

I've cast on and finished an Eiku shawl, but even post-blocking it's too small to even be considered a shawlette.
Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic
Perhaps it's a bandana?
My current big sitting-on-the-couch project is an afghan that's already getting big enough to cuddle up with. (Crochet, of course- I'm too lazy to knit an afghan.) Made with 100% acrylic Bernat, this blue machine-wash beauty is going to my niece and her family come Christmas.

I bought the yarn and started it a few months ago. Then when I picked it up again I realized that the shade of teal I'm using TOTALLY matches my nails. Um... and my sunglasses. And my new shoes. Come to think of it my Eiku had a teal vibe going on too... Suddenly this color is EVERYWHERE!

So there is one other project but I don't have any pictures of it yet. On Sunday my boyfriend and I went out to go see Iron Man 3, but it was sold out and the lines were hecka long, and I don't like seeing movies when the seats are all full and everyone's chomping and slurping and guffawing so we ended up going to Barnes and Noble instead. I found Susan B. Anderson's newest book, Topsy Turvy Inside Out Knits and just HAD to knit the Egg to Alligator for my son. What a fun concept!
In case you haven't heard of this book yet, here's an adorable video showing just what an inside out knit looks like:

Anyways I brought the book home and realized with shock and awe, that I actually don't have any green yarn in my stash.
Not a one!
And that's pretty impressive. I did consider dyeing some white wool green, but I'm sort of using that white yarn for my Basics course, so I put the project off and picked up some Hobby Lobby I Love this Cotton while at work yesterday (on sale plus employee discount!) and started the egg. Let me just say, What a quick project! I knit on it while watching my son's favorite movie (Land Before Time 9- seriously. 9) yesterday and finished the egg and most of the alligator. Then tonight I finished off the nose of the alligator, sewed the egg and alligator together and attached the ruffle. Then I made the mistake of showing it to my son and, well... I can't get it away from him. Not to put the face and feet on, not to take a picture of it, not even to play with it. He keeps flipping it from egg to alligator and back again, singing, "Eggy eggy eggy, OUT!"
I'll post a picture when I can.

So while I'm on the subject, let me talk a little bit about the yarn. First of all, it is very soft. Nothing like the dishcloth cottons you might expect from a big box store. For a little toy it is perfectly snuggly- since it's cotton the decreases and increases are a little more visible, but I think it's worth it to have a nice soft toy a kid can really rub against their face and snuggle. Actually, I hate knitting toys. And actually I hate knitting cotton. But this yarn makes me want to knit cotton toys. Also I hate Hobby Lobby. Yet I would totally go to Hobby Lobby and buy this cotton yarn to make more toys with it. 0_o

I've got quite a bit of yarn left over, and I'm trying to decide what to make with it. Part of me really really really really wants to make a baby sweater. Except that I don't know anybody who is having a baby anytime soon. But come on, cute little stripey green/white cardigan? Snuggly soft baby cardi? Awwwwww! And people are BOUND to have babies, right? This way I'll be prepared! Ughhghg Talk me out of it guys....

Ok longest blog post ever. I'll see if I can't get a picture of that alligator tomorrow night.
Happy knitting!


  1. those inside out toys do look amazing. can i make them for myself>?

    1. Aren't they super cute?
      I think I might end up making a few as Xmas gifts ^_^


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