Friday, May 3, 2013

Basics course progress...

My 5 swatches for the basics course are technically done. Well, tentatively technically done. I still need to block them and weave in the ends.
I'm terrified that once I block them my row gauge is going to change and I'll have to go back and re-do them for length. USUALLY (and even with wool) my row gauge doesn't change after blocking, so hopefully this rings true.
I spent this morning researching the best way to weave in ends, and found a great tutorial video from Very Pink Knits. She actually has one for quite a few different stitch patterns, and I imagine she is going to be a wonderful resource throughout this program.

Tonight I plan on looking critically at my finished swatches (I know at least one of them has the dreaded loose last cast off stitch!) and blocking them before, potentially if not probably, having a re-do for some of them.

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