Monday, February 12, 2018

Cold Sheeping and January Totals


So last year I had made the goal to knit mostly from stash, and for the most part I kept my word. I knitted 5 adult sweaters from stash, as well as a plethora of other smaller projects like hats, shawls, baby sweaters, mittens and toys. In total, I knitted up 17,902 yards in 2017- most of it from stash.

However, I did purchase some yarn from Stitches West, from my LYS's semi-annual clearance sale, from Michaels once, and from the thrift store twice. I also was gifted some yarn. When I added in everything I had bought, I acquired 17,082 yards. Seeing that number was like getting kicked in the gut. That means in all, after the whole year of me trying to knit down my stash I only actually got rid of 820 yards!

So I decided this is the year to truly go Cold Sheep. No yarn purchases are allowed this year! (Although I did speak to a woman who wants to purchase some knitted stockings from me and a few baby garments and so those would have to be allowed- but no personal knitting yarn!) In addition to not buying more yarn, I want to knit up at least a mile a month and start knitting up some of the yarn that has been in my stash for a long time. I don't know about you, but when I buy new yarn it tends to get cast on first. That is a habit that I need to break because I am sick and tired of carrying around the same old skeins of yarn! After the year is over, I plan on going through honestly and donating some things that I am truly fed up with.

So for January! I met and exceeded my one mile (1,760 yards) goal.
I made:
A child's beanie                                                                        67 yards
I finished a shawl that had been hibernating for years           705 yards
A pullover with super old stash yarn                                      955 yards
And finally a pair of socks (another old wip)                         332 yards
TOTAL                                                                                 2,059 yards

And now in February I've just finished my first project at a whopping 1,152 yards
Textured Pullover

Only 608 yards left and 16 days to get it done.

I hope you are having as much fun meeting your own goals!

So in addition to knitting, these days I am spending some of my time working at UPS. The work is hard and it's in the middle of the night, but the benefits are good and it's not something that's too stressful. Compared to my previous occupation as a store manager, it's heaven. Meanwhile I'm still attending school, trying to get that degree. I graduated with my A.S. last semester and so now I'm getting one last class in at the community college while waiting to transfer in the fall. I'm so excited about the future but it just seems like it's so far away and out of reach sometimes. Still, each day I just keep plugging away and trying to do the next right thing, which sometimes is homework and sometimes turns out to be blogging in the library.

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