Saturday, August 3, 2013


Six Single Socks.

The cardboard box is FULL of sock yarn. The floral print back (insulated!) is full of Patons Classic Wool. The plastic box furthest to the left contains only Lion Brand Wool Ease. The big tupperware box up front holds worsted weight wools. The box on top of the cardboard box has ugly acrylics that I don't want but won't give up, the box in the very back contains worsted weight wool scraps and partial balls. The hat box has lace weight. The plastic bag is full of things I'm willing to part with. Oh... and I have three more garbage bags full of acrylic in another room but I can't bring myself to go through them!
One Large Stash

Seven Abandoned WIPS

I devoted some time to cleaning my room and you guys!!! I am SUCH a lazy knitter! I never finish anything, and I cast on new things like a madman! I found SO many projects- GOOD PROJECTS- that I had completely forgotten about. The needles above were only pulled from the projects that had no hope to begin with. I still have about 10-14 projects that have potential, AND about 6 or 7 garments that can be frogged for the yarn.
How DARE I buy yarn!?
I am flooded with knitting stuff! It's completely insane! If I only had more days off I could work away the guilt!!

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